We are suppliers of shop interiors who deliver attractive retail experiences that sell.


Filippa K


We develop unique shopfitting concepts for all
of our customers. Then we make them repeatable,
in shop after shop after shop…

How we work


Through correct construction we apply our customer’s concepts and make them repeatable. We consider presentation and perception, overall economics, montage and function.

Shop planning

We create sales-promoting shop layouts with good flows based on the venue’s prerequisites for both new shop concepts and redevelopments.

Project management

Our customers become part of a project team consisting of a project manager and assistants who take care of everything from concept development and purchasing to delivery and montage.

Design development

We know retail and help our customers develop selling experiences and repeatable solutions within the context of their brand.


We produce and deliver complete internal and external shop graphics that reflect our customers’ graphic identity.


We produce in all types of materials and techniques. It can be our own production, special components supplied by some of our many partners or large volumes in Asia or Eastern Europe.


Our warehouses ensure that complete deliveries occur on time. The storage capacity is increased and adjusted to suit our customers’ needs and wishes.


Delivery for us is a controlled chain from concept to finished and supplied product. We deliver to Scandinavia, Europe or wherever in the world our customers have established themselves.


With our own montage managers and a large network of artisans and fitters, we ensure delivery through to the finished shop.

”We eat breakfast together every day. For us it’s a nice break with lots of laughter and a good way to start the day.”

”What makes us Nitton 93 is that we always work for each other. Together and with our customers we are a ”We”, who help each other come rain or shine.”

”We celebrate our 25-year anniversary this year and realise that we no longer have room for tv games and table tennis, but instead have many fantastic colleagues to  hang out with!”

”We have expanded a lot in recent years and are pleased that we have the opportunity to develop and grow together with our customers.”


Company facts

Become one of us

We are constantly looking for good people and offer employment whenever the need arises. So let us know if you are interested in joining us.

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Social responsibility

It is important for us to support and contribute in different ways to matters that lie close to our heart.

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