What we do

We deliver customer experiences that strengthen our customers' brands.


Lyko is opening a flagship store in Helsinki.

The first physical store in Finland, and the launch of a new store concept. The experience is the central theme of the store.

The essence is being able to test, sample, smell, squeeze and feel the products in an inspiring, playful and permissive environment. The store is designed to complement the e-commerce, and will be based on the advantages of the physical experience.


Sustainability - Reitan

Being a partner to our customers often involves developing, delivering, and assembling, but increasingly it’s also about sustainability. That’s why we were particularly proud and pleased when Reitan Convenience Sweden named us as the supplier of the year with this motivation:

“This year’s collaborative partner became Nitton93. The win was justified in part by outstanding work on climate issues, as well as their responsive and proactive problem-solving ability”.

Thank you for a fantastic event and, as always, a great collaboration!


Development in partnership with ICA Maxi Stormarknad Enköping

In close collaboration with the store, we have developed and built a new check-out area, new deli section, new fruit and vegetable elements and a confectionery section. Successful project with a holistic focus and many future plans to work on.

We are an independent supplier of high-quality kitchen and restaurant solutions. We offer a complete solution from kitchen appliances to fittings and furniture from renowned manufacturers.


Success for us is creating tomorrow's retail experience in partnership with our customers.


Full-service partner in construction and assembly

Whether it’s new construction or renovation, we can act as a one-stop partner and contractor.


We believe in the power of people and in succeeding in partnership with our customers.

How we do it

We create unique concepts and make them repeatable.