We deliver retail experience.




Eye Factory

How we work


Through the right construction we make our customers concept repeatable. We think in terms of presentation and perception, overall economics, installation and function.

Store planning

We create sales-promoting shop layouts with the right flow according to the site conditions for both new shop concepts and redevelopments.

Project management

Our customers will be part of a project team consisting of a project managers and assistants that take care of everything from concept development and manufacturing to delivery and installation.


We know retail and will help our customers to develop inspiring sales attractive experiences and repeatable solutions according to their brandmark.


We are producing and delivering complete graphic solutions for both interior and exterior areas according to our customers graphic identity.


We produce in all types of materials and techniques. It can be our own production, special components supplied by some of our many partners or in large volumes imports from Asia or Eastern Europe.

Warehouse and deliverance

Our own warehouse guaranties complete and accurate deliveries on time. We adapt our capacity to store customer products according to their needs and demands.
For us delivery is a controlled process from concept development to finished and delivered product. We deliver to Scandinavia, Europe or wherever in the world our customers establish themselves.


With our own management and great network of craftsmen and shopfitters we secure the process from start to completed delivery.


For a smooth and secure flow in the process we can offer a unique and customized webshop according to the customer needs and demands. For example, your store manager can easily manage to purchase products directly from the webshop.